On tap for January:
- Erika goes crazy with New Years Resolution Customers at her Jazzercise classes.
- Isaac is back at school, where they have added in therapies structured towards the new baby expected in February (including listening to baby's crying, and using gentle touches).
- Andrew, well-rested from the Winter Break, is back at the grind at TPC.
- Erika and Andrew are telling Poppy not to arrive too soon - please wait until February when we have friend and family ready to help out.
- Ohio State vs. Arizona in the Sugar Bowl (Jan 5th)
- Isaac starts a new session of swimming lessons, which he loves (Jan 8th)
- TPC Winter Party in New York City (Jan 10th) - Erika is still on travel ban, so Andrew will be hitting the big city solo
- the NY Planks are coming to visit as soon as we can find a weekend we're all free and when it's not snowing (Erika's planning on chili and cornbread to celebrate...).
- Jan 28th - begins the "delivery date window" - 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the due date. Andrew and Erika are not allowed to travel, and Erika will no longer be teaching Jazzercise classes...but maybe still attending them if her doctor gives the okay.