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G2Image Chooser
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Fri Jun 09 2006, 01:08am

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Version .v6+ of the plugin now comes with g2IC enabled in the standard e107 text editor. If you wish to enable it for TinyMCE, please follow the instructions below.

I thought I'd put up a little post here about a handy plugin I stumbled accross for G2 which I've managed to get working with the TinyMCE html editor e107 uses. It's a java applet called G2ImageChooser, which allows you to easily place linked thumbnails from your embeded Gallery into your e107 newsposts, comments, etc... basicly, anywhere that you're using the TinyMCE editor.

According to the G2Image page ( you can install the applet as a TinyMCE plugin, or as a standalone. I went the very easy route of making it a TinyMCE plugin. Perhaps someday, I'll figure out how to integrate it w/out the TinyMCE... but it works pretty well for now.

Basicly, to get it working, you upload the plugin to e107_handlers/tiny_mce/plugins/ and edit the following:


52 $text .= ",plugins : 'table,contextmenu,g2image";
68 $text .= ",theme_advanced_buttons3 : 'g2image'";

Then edit e107_handlers/tiny_mce/plugins/g2image/config.php as per the installation instructions

Do a browser refresh, and you're all set.

The G2image devs are planning to add bbcode support in future releases, which would make this app great for sites that don't wish to enable html posting for all their users. But for right now, it's perfect for limited user blog sites (like this one) and the like.

To see the plugin in action, check out this TinyMCE demo

I've gotten this working on a couple of different sites now, so let me know if you have any issues, we'll see if we can figure it out.

One final note: Due to TinMCE bugs in e107 v.7.2, this G2Image was incorrectly inserting links. This problem does not occure in e107 v.7.4+, so check which version of e107 you're using.

edit: In order to get tinyMCE to insert thumbnailed images properly in the forums, you may need to edit the wysiwyg.php file in /e107_handlers/tinymce/ and change the relative_urls option to FALSE.

edit: If you use the Purple Scroll version of TinyMCE for e107, refer to this thread for additional information on setting up the g2IC.

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Sat Dec 06 2008, 08:07am
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Installation instructions can also be found at

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