Don’t eat the baby

Don’t eat the baby

“Mommy, did you eat me?”

What?  My mind floundered for a minute.  I was trying to find the left shoe from my new Stitchfix order – super-cute grey flats – and to then get Kai’s teeth brushed and his own shoes on so we had a shot in heck at getting to church on time this morning.

“Did I eat you?” I stalled.

“Yes.  When I was a baby.”

Oh.  I got it.


(Me, having eaten Kai and then deciding to teach a Jazzercise class, at 36 weeks pregnant.)


“You mean when you were in my belly?”

“Yes,” Kai clarified, “when I was a baby.”

Sure.  Let’s start this conversation for the first time, a conversation I want to get so right, when we’re running late to church.

Only answer what he asks. I reminded myself.

“No,” I say, “I didn’t eat you.  You started as a very small egg inside me right *here*.”  I point to my uterus.  “And then…you grew!”

“How did I fit?” he asked.

“My belly grew too.”

Kai laughs.  “It must’ve been soooooo big!”

“Yes,” I smile, “it was.”

He pats my belly.  “But it went back to small.”

“Yes,” I say, “it did.  Let’s get our shoes on for church.”

I don’t know if age five is late or early or right on time for starting to wonder about how babies happen…but I do know that I showed Kai a photo of his Aunt Elizabeth about a week ago, where a distinctive bump was visible.  ‘That’s your new baby cousin.” I said.

At the time all he cared to know was if it was, in fact, a going to be a boy like him.  But, clearly, he’s been thinking about it more.  May I continue to handle it well.


Also of note today:

– Kyla went to church with us today, and sitting in a service as if for the first time (as it was her first time) is wonderful.

– Kyla, who is visiting us for a week to help with the August Madness, has a wonderful superpower…anything seems doable when she’s about.  You think, “I really want to get that linen closet organized” and simply because she is in the house, rather than thinking “but that’s too much right now” you think “so I shall do it today!”  And you do.  And it’s glorious.

– Andrew hung my new clothes line in the backyard from the deck to the garage, and it is also glorious.  I realized soon after, however, that my clothespin stock is a bit under what I need for the now super-long line.  Hello Amazon. Hello cheaper utility bills.  Hello feeling kind of awesome.

– I need new tablecloths.  We have a new table in the new house and my old ones don’t fit.  They are now off to Goodwill (see linen closet organization above), and I get to daydream about new.

– I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.  I don’t want to take Kai for more dental work tomorrow (he’s 2/3rds done with an epic cavity drill-and-fill plan.  It’s horrible.).  I don’t want to get through another 10 days before school starts.  Wah.

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