People have been asking me how the transition from Holy Land to Home, from Pilgrimage to Day-to-day is going.

It’s complicated. Part jet lag, part inevitable fatigue, part wild juxtaposition.

In concrete terms, I’m falling asleep easily and sleeping deeply, and am ferociously protecting any quiet time I’ve built into my day. My brain is refusing to multi-task – I just had to turn off the radio to write this post. I can take a breath and envision the Judean Desert, dropping into its stark emptiness and on the other side of that coin having too many roles to play at church this Sunday seems untenable rather than simply quirky. Our election drama seems make believe and fabricated and separate from real life.

I’m very glad to be back. I’m getting reacquainted with things.

Pray for Peace.14725652_10209390932643145_3303267882139300761_n

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