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Welp, here we are

Welp, here we are

I’m working today, teaching tonight, working tomorrow, kids have a half-day so they’re home, then Saturday is Christmas Eve – I’m singing/Guilding at 3 church services.

Which means, things undone?  They aren’t getting done before Christmas.

The only really-truly task that must happen is wrapping presents.  There’s The Morning to do, and then we leave right away for Ohio, so I’ll need to pack the presents for travel.

The only task I really-truly wish had happened is gifts *from* the boys to others.  It’s hard.  Isaac isn’t yet in that social awareness (autism!) and Kai is, but is too young to motivate it himself.  So, even though getting our couple gifts to everyone seems overwhelming enough, I’m also technically responsible for those two rugrats of mine.

And this year – nothing.

I don’t want my boys growing up thinking they only get, not give.  I want them to learn the joy of giving, of watching someone open the gift you made for them.

Next year, I guess.



Tasks I haven’t yet given up on:

– wrapping presents (because I gotta).

– baking the Happy Birthday Jesus cake (because it’s a box mix and is super easy and can be done with kids at home).

– baking candied cherry almond nest cookies (because I can do it with Kai tomorrow afternoon).

– watching Holiday Inn/White Christmas/Bishop’s Wife – because I can do that when I wrap presents.


So there’s that.

Plan B

Plan B

So, I was supposed to go to a cookie swap last night, hosted by my mom’s group.  I had the 6 dozen cookies.  I had the cheese ball, the rosemary crackers, the assorted cheeses and pepperoni tray (we were supposed to bring an appetizer to share).  I had holiday earrings on.

What I didn’t have was a babysitter.  Andrew had to work late (he’s been working so hard lately) and by the time he got home, the party was in full swing, cookies already swapped.  If I had arrived late, me and my 6 dozen cherry-chocolate-almond oatmeal cookies, it would have been awkward – people dissembling their cookie varieties to try to make room for mine and to give me scraps from their plates.

And there’s the other thing.  That thing that happens every time I’m about to leave my house, where if a hurricane or blizzard suddenly appeared and I could not leave my house, I would be secretly so grateful.   I don’t know if this is HSP (anticiating all the social cues?  Worried about being on time?) or just an Erika-quirk. I am not allowed to cancel plans the day of, because if I could, I always would.  Movies, parties, classes, work – I’d cancel every time.

So, I was disappointed, sure.  I would have gone to this party if I could.  I would have had an amazing time.  But in that moment when I realized timing was not going to work, I was secretly so grateful.

Instead, I finished our holiday cards.  Andrew came home, and I had the crackers, cheese, and pepperoni out.  He made us drinks.  We sat by the Tree and watched a terrible-but-I-enjoy-it-every-year holiday movie called “The 12 Dates of Christmas” and addressed all those cards and it was actually a really nice evening.

Plan B was pretty good, actually.  Having those cards done (I’m going to post holiday cards for the first time since 2012 or 2013, I can’t remember) feels good.  Spending time with Andrew feels good.  Sitting by a tree with yummier yummies than usually in the house watching a bad movie feels good.

I keep reminding myself that eating all 6 dozen cherry-chocolate-almond oatmeal cookies would not feel good.  Wish me luck.

Productive Procrastination

Productive Procrastination

I’m doing the productive procrastination thing, when you put off doing the stuff you ought to be doing right now (Christmas is eleven days away, you say?  I’m sure those presents will shop for and wrap themselves.  And those cookies are *self-baking* cookies.  I should finish decorating?  Hmmm…I have until Jan 6th technically, right?) and instead do something totally useful and good and checklist-y – just not really the priority for this day, this moment.


So I’m daydreaming about 2017.  I’ve reconfigured my work schedules between Jazzercise and the church to give me another “work from home” day.  I’m contemplating my bullet journal spread, and how I want to track things.  I’m thinking about resolutions.  (Be On Time: if you’re late, it shall not be because of you – current leader.).  I think it’s time for another 30-bags-in-30-days decluttering challenge.  Kai will be moving to a new bed for his birthday, and we need to find a twin mattress.

See, I’m working!  I’m getting stuff done, planned, organized!

Just not, you know, Christmas stuff.