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The holidays are another job, really

The holidays are another job, really


How is this supposed to work?

How is one supposed to clean and prepare and organize the holiday stuff, the presents and shipping and travel and rituals and meal plans and cooking and baking and decorating and church extras and concerts and rehearsals and pageants…oh, and hey, its Advent so also *thoughtful, contemplative, prayer-time*…

…when one is already working a full time job?  Or, in my case, two part-time jobs (one at an office.  The other managing special-neess kids and their many, many, logistical headaches.)


I’m not whining here.  Or at least, I’m not trying to.  I’m genuinely curious – what’s the expectation here?  Am I supposed to stay up late at night?  Get up at 5am to fit some time in?

Last year I just didn’t.  I did what I could do between 6am and 8pm, and figured the rest would work out or didn’t matter.  And I got CALLED on it.  Kai pointed out what we didn’t do this year that we’d done last year.  Family pointed out that the boys needed haircuts and that we were going to be taking photos, you know.  Friends and family asked where the Christmas Card was.  Church, well, church got the best of me I think, and even then, I fielded lots of comments on how things – the decorations, the candles, the whatever – could be better.

I’ve tried to streamline this year, and I am in fact responsible for much less.  And even so – how is this supposed to work?

I love working.  I don’t love it around holidays.