Daily Archives: December 15, 2016

Productive Procrastination

Productive Procrastination

I’m doing the productive procrastination thing, when you put off doing the stuff you ought to be doing right now (Christmas is eleven days away, you say?  I’m sure those presents will shop for and wrap themselves.  And those cookies are *self-baking* cookies.  I should finish decorating?  Hmmm…I have until Jan 6th technically, right?) and instead do something totally useful and good and checklist-y – just not really the priority for this day, this moment.


So I’m daydreaming about 2017.  I’ve reconfigured my work schedules between Jazzercise and the church to give me another “work from home” day.  I’m contemplating my bullet journal spread, and how I want to track things.  I’m thinking about resolutions.  (Be On Time: if you’re late, it shall not be because of you – current leader.).  I think it’s time for another 30-bags-in-30-days decluttering challenge.  Kai will be moving to a new bed for his birthday, and we need to find a twin mattress.

See, I’m working!  I’m getting stuff done, planned, organized!

Just not, you know, Christmas stuff.