Daily Archives: January 20, 2017

Fast Day

Fast Day

Today is a Fast Day for me, and it’s not the hunger that makes it hard, it’s the fog of brain fuzz I’m functioning through.  I take seriously the instructions to maintain outward calm and normalcy while fasting – not to make a show of it – but at work today I’ve trailed off midsentence, simply unable to find the next word.  I keep blinking and cleaning my glasses like that will help.

My fasting isn’t much – I eat vegan/whole grains only, and I don’t snack.  I switch to tea from coffee.  I mean, life could be harder, you know?

Yet.  Fuzz.

I’m trying to link it to prayer, as one should.  In the bible fasting is never mentioned outside of the context of “fasting and praying”.  So, when I look longingly at the cake pop in my office (my workmates keep bringing me cake pops.  I save them up and allow one a day.  It’s madness) or when I catch myself staring blankly off into space, I pray.

Dear God.  I am emptying myself to make room for You.  I am with Jesus in the desert.  A-men.

Let’s just hope I don’t get Friday-Fired in the near future…