The System

The System

It’s a hard thing to admit, that your life is this crazy.  That there are so many variables and responsibilities and balls in the air that your life, your family, your household requires a weekly business meeting.

Ugh.  I mean, really?

I’m not talking about a cute family meeting where we plan our upcoming vacation and talk about the socks a kid left on the floor.  Our kids are nowhere near this meeting.  Kai is very interested in what is going on, but his constant questions make an already long slog of a meeting even longer, so we invite/demand our children go downstairs and play computer while we meet.  I have been known to bribe with veggie chips.


We look through the calendar for the week, find all the holes, all the due dates, all the forms, all the meals, all the prep, all the babysitter needs.  Then we look at the next month to try to anticipate what’s coming up, to try to get ahead of things.

We look at our money – our bills due and money coming in and any issues that arise and where do we want to put this money next month – good times.

We look at the house maintenance – plan what needs doing, what materials we need, how much, when can it fit on the calendar.

We look at housekeeping – what’s not happening, what needs cleaning, where can we tweak our routines.

We look at the cars.

We look at the kids.

We look at the dog.

And at the end, we are exhausted, but there is a list of stuff to do and to look up, and the color-coded Google calendar has been updated, and we fall into the rest of  the weekend.

And after a few weeks of this, last night, I said, “Andrew, don’t let me forget to take Isaac to his field trip tomorrow.  Don’t let us just do our usual morning routine and forget.”  And he opened up the tablet mounted on the wall in our kitchen, and said, “you mean, this field trip?” Which was displayed on the Google Calendar.  Which we put on the calendar at our last meeting. The calendar which we discussed adding to the kitchen tablet so we could check it in the morning while making food.  Which he did.

“The system is working,” he said, and I feel into his arms for a hug.

“I’m so happy.” I said.  And I meant it.   Because, even if we weren’t ready to admit we were at weekly-business-meeting  vida loca – we have been at this level for a while.  And the only thing worse than being at weekly-business-meeting crazy is being at that level, but not having a weekly-business-meeting system in place.

We’re gonna get through this season of our life.  Team Hagan.

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