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I’m still here…er, over there.

I’m still here…er, over there.

Hi!  I’m still thinking and writing and, you know, existing.  Quick update.

  • Most of my online creativity has been at Eating Liturgically.  Check it out!
  • I’ve started working out consistently with Tracy Campoli, and it feels amazing.  She’s a dancer and my body is so very happy with her workouts, and I can do them online at home in and around our crazy schedule.  (I’ve lost an inch from my waist as well, which is a pretty fun side bonus to just wanting to workout more to burn some stress).
  • Yes, I’m still teaching Jazzercise, mostly at Jazzercise of New Milford.
  • Isaac is full-on puberty angst, which is leading to aggression and violence when he is frustrated or angry.  Which is happening more and more.  It’s a stressful time.  We’re trying very hard to shift him off this path to a better path (new doctors, considering medication, potentially shifting to outplacment in schooling), because if this continues, we may need to get child protective services involved to keep him and us safe, and that stinks.
  • So, stress.

Anyway, wanted to do a quick update since I haven’t posted in a long while.  Mwah. – E


Jesus is my co-pilot?

Jesus is my co-pilot?

It seems completely audacious to state that I think God manipulated my schedule, my responsibilities, my commitments…but darn it, it can be read that way.

I was staring down a hard, busy, week.  Big project due at work on Friday, Eating Liturgically “grand opening” on Sunday (so much content to get up there.  So.  Much.), church meetings, and taking down Thanksgiving and putting up Advent and that darn Elf to work out and…a lot.

So, I did what I dinstinctly should not have done yesterday, and I took the day off.  I mean, I taught my morning Jazzercise class, and then I took a shower…and then I made nachos…and then I sat down on the couch to watch one epidode of Mr. Robot before logging in to work (I work from home on Mondays).  Which turned into two episodes.  Which evolved into a nap on the couch.  When my phone alarms went off to go get the boys, I got them, and then sat right back down on that couch.

Not good.  Not good at all.

I checked e-mail Monday night, and not one person e-mailed me at work.  Not one.  So I figured I’d come clean to my direct supervisor tomorrow, put in extra hours this week if I needed to, but I simply would have to get my rear in gear today, Tuesday.

And I couldn’t sleep with the stress of it.  So, I prayed.  God, I said, I can’t.  I just can’t.  I know I should be askign for strength, and trusting, and all that good stuff, but I just can’t.

It wasn’t my best prayer.  Kinda whiny-pants, actually.

Yet, even.  I got to work today…and the big project has been postponed until FEBRUARY.  I’m 80% done already, and it’s not due until February!  “I hope you didn’t spend all day yesterday on it,” says my supervisor, at which point I say, “ahem” and come clean and she laughs and says “good!  You deserve a day off – anytime you need, just do it – you always get the work done.  Just…drop me a text next time.” Phew! (Note to reading audience – I’m paid hourly and I make my own hours – if I want a day, they will gladly not pay me as much, you know?)

And then, I hustle home to walk the dog and get the kids and get to my meeting…which I check my e-mail before I go and it’s canceled!

Hey, God? I say.  Um…thanks!  I, um, what can I do for you now?

So, I wrote an e-mail to my confirmation mentee (I’m her mentor – what would she be called?) about Advent and joyful expectation, and how it’s actually kind of hard to be in a consistent state of joyful anything, let alone expectation, and what does she think about Advent?  And that felt good.

And I planned out when and how I would get Eating Liturgically ready.  And that felt good.

So, audacious and I don’t know how this all works.  I just feel…taken care of.


Zumba Strong – Erika’s Thinks

Zumba Strong – Erika’s Thinks

Last night I took a Zumba Strong demo class.  People ask me ALL. THE. TIME. what I think about Zumba as a Jazzercise Instructor, and I’m hesitant to speak because, well, I have strong opinions about how group exercise classes should go.  But, I figure I’m an informed participant, so, here are my thoughts.

The format:
– it’s good. The cardio is not too complicated, very with the beat, lots of strength – mixed with straight up strength – like the planks and lunges.
– I didn’t find anything too challenging until the floor abs part, and that was just unreasonable, to my mind. Even the instructor wasn’t hanging in for all of it.
– I did not like the 90 second catch-your-breath-get-water break every 5 minutes. Killed the momentum. (But, see below, maybe it’s really needed for most of the customers).
– I would enjoy teaching this class.
– We already do almost everything in this class (except for the copious amounts of burpies) in Jazzercise – it would easy easy easy to create this using what we already do. The “techno music set to the strength choreography” selling point – feels just like our choreography. Totally.

The class:
– the instructor was cute as a button and CUT. I liked her. BUT.
– she flipped between facing the mirror and facing us, and sometimes facing side randomly, but didn’t bother to switch her R/L when she did so. I was careful to be equal on each side, but the customers weren’t – they just followed.
– this kind of thing needs really good cueing for safety and to know what’s coming up next. When the choreography is set to music you have to be on the music – no time to wait another 8 counts and jump in. This instructor did not know what was coming next in time to cue for it, and it showed.
– I liked the challenge of the intense bursts of strength (and a lot of the plyometric jumps into burpies into kickboxing was pretty intense)…but I’m in pretty good shape and teach Jazzercise. Most of the class was not like me, and could not keep up. About 25% of the class left after the first 10 minutes, and those that remained, over half did not ever touch the floor – and going down and up from the floor was a big part of this.
– safety – eek. I was in the back row and looking at all the knees ahead of me and thinking “this is really not safe”. Without the cueing and prep, the quick turns into lunges and such were not done safely by most of the class.

The workout:
– I burned the equivalent calories to an Interval Fusion class, says my fitbit. Remember – I was going all out and doing everything; most of the customers were not.
– I am a little sore in the core and glutes.
– I am a lot stiff in my back.
– My head was pounding after the class – I think it was all the quick inversions from the burpies and planks and up again. Ouch.
– I was a sweaty mess after…but not sweatier than when after I teach Jazzercise.

Thems my thinks!

My Raffle Winning Superpower was in full force, and won a free month of group exercise classes at the Parks and Rec Center for attending this demo…so I’ll go back and take this for a month and see if my perception changes.  It was a good enough class for me, personally, to get something out of it.