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So is this our new normal each fall? A hurricane and then a nor'easter?

I did get a little smile that this storm has been dubbed Winter Storm Athena. Athena! What on earth have we East Coasters done to deserve the wrath of the vengeful, cruelly just, virgin hunter goddess? (Or, it's possible, I enjoy Greek Mythology just a *smidge* too much. Discuss.)

We fared pretty well. Ridgefield got 8-12 inches depending on who you talk to, but only one neighborhood lost power and it was not ours. The storm has passed, and the plows and shovels are out, and school is even on today with a slight delay.

Oh school. There's going to be some bro-ha-ha about school.

Yesterday was the first day of school back after Hurricane Sandy, and lo there was much rejoicing in the land. These kids had been cooped up for a week and a half at that point. It looked like the storm had shifted and we weren't going to get much if any snow, so they didn't even hedge bets with an early release day.
Mid-morning the superintendent decided to release schools 30 min early, I think to try to get buses out and down before commuters would be coming home in "the weather".

Well. It started snowing around noon. And snowing, and snowing, and snowing. As cars around Ridgefield started slipping and sliding and snarling traffic, buses were delayed. Isaac's school usually gets out at 3:25. With the 30 minutes early release, he was dismissed at 2:55. He hadn't even left his school when I called to see where the heck he was at 3:45.

Around 3:45 - 4:00 Athena showed her godly wrath. The rate of snowfall picked up, the wind howled, and everyone on the road started crashing into each other all at once. Buses and cars and even the snowplows were getting stuck. Parents were calling the bus company and the school, and no one knew who was where and it was kinda scary.

Isaac got home at 4:25. Phew.

Some kiddos were stranded, only to be picked up by another bus, only to have that bus get stranded...I read that at 5:30pm, there were still kids not yet home.

I know that it's often a no-win situation for the superintendent. You cancel or release early, it's not that bad, parents complain. You don't cancel, parents complain. We complain a lot, apparently.
BUT - for pete's sake. If you're going to do an early release at all, just do it after lunch like usual. It's easier on the schools, consistent for the parents, and errs on the side of safety.

(Or, have kids walk to and from school, with proper winter gear and cross guards and the whole nine yards. Sorry, sorry, that's crazy talk apparently. No one walks to school, Erika. Don't be silly.)

As for me, when the storm was dubbed Athena, I realized that I was dealing with vast, cosmic, forces over which I had no control, and it is foolish for me to try to actually get anything done ever for if it's not a hurricane, it's no power, if it's not sickness, it's a nor'easter, and I am but a mere mortal who cannot compete with the gods.

I'm in my PJs. So there.



08 Nov : 15:54

We could sacrifice something to Athena. I'd be up for that!
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08 Nov : 16:55

She's a harsh one, especially from we women-folk...careful :)
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