April 2nd, and so behind

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Kai and I had our first parent-baby swimming lesson this morning, and we are both knackered. He just went down for his afternoon nap about an hour earlier than usual, and I'm fighting the urge to make tea and camp out on the couch while he sleeps.
I have some serious catching up to do - no time for tea-and-couches. At the beginning of last week I got strep, Kai cold a bad cold, and our neighbor got AT&T Uverse...and when the tech plugged their cable in, they unplugged ours to make room for it. No phone, television, or internet access. Got our Uverse back, I got antibiotics, then Andrew left for a business trip...and on the day he left, my computer stopped working. Wouldn't even start to try to maybe boot up.
So, yesterday was Andrew's first day home, and he spent it trying to get my PC to work. We ended up having to get me a whole new box (which is snazzy).
Today I am healthy, with internet connectivity and a working computer. I have a week's worth of work to catch up on, plus "new month" transition stuff to do, plus our taxes to finish.


Kai loved swimming, by the way, although I wish he had just a smidge more fear about the whole thing. He kept trying to vault himself out of my arms and into the water, caring not for the fact that he can't actually swim yet. He is so strong and so physically capable (have I mentioned that he can get up and down stairs by himself now? And can climb to the top of the couch?) that it doesn't occur to him that he might not be able to do things on his own, like swim. Or get down from the diaper changing counter. Or climb out of his car seat. It takes all my ninja-mom reflexes to keep him from falling on his head at such moments.