Prayers for health

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Well. Praise be to God, I'm feeling tremendously better. Yay strong bodies and antibiotics - healthy again!

Unfortunately, and sort of all at once, we have family that are quite ill. If you're the prayin', sendin'-good-energy, keepin'-in-thoughts sort...please pray and send love to Isaac, to my Granny June, and to Andrew's father, Rick.

Also, the emotional toll of worrying about all these people at once has Andrew and I in a rough place, so we'd appreciate prayers and love too :)

Isaac will be fine, but is feeling awful - he's picked up a virus that is putting pressure on his inner ears, which is both unpleasant and is knocking off his sensory system something fierce. He keeps lying down on the ground, his hands over his ears, his eyes squeezed shut, saying "it's okay, it's okay..." it breaks your heart.
I forget sometimes, because he's so amazing at negotiating it all, that the world is, at heart, a really hostile place to this little boy. His sensory system picks up EVERYTHING, he's missing a lot of the filters we take for granted, and when he's in a heightened place like he is, stuff like touching a piece of crumpled paper or trying to eat a new brand of gluten-free bread is just overwhelming.
He will heal soon, I know. I just wish I could do something for him.

In a testament that people feel better when they're on a regular routine, however, Isaac really wanted to go to school this morning. He can hardly stand up, but he wanted to get dressed and get to the bus. I hated to say no...but there's no school today anyway! They have a 4 day weekend for the Easter holiday.

Plans for today: keep everyone happy, get dressed, make my bed, go to the bank to avoid overdraft fees (sick kid in car), make a crock roast, declutter the mounds of paperwork from finishing taxes yesterday, research air travel to Nashville for Andrew just in case, watch DVRd episodes of Mad Men and Smash, eat crock roast, play computer games after the kids are asleep.
You know - just a few things.