Ok, so... it's been two years. I was busy. Anyways, saved all the photos off my phone, and uploaded about a hundred of them from the past two years to the photo gallery. So there's that...

More, of course, in the 2013 and 2014 galleries.
It's been a hard year so far.... so, no surprise I haven't pulled photos off the camera in a while. Well, today was the day.

bunches more in February March June July August September and October. Ok, ok... the last couple only have like, 1 or 2 photos in them, but March is full up. So go look there.
Well, we've done a crap job of photo documenting the months of January and February. So, it's slim pickings for this here photo update.

Kai turned 1 in February, but managed to sleep through most of his party. And when he was awake, we were honestly just enjoying having friends over and having actual social iteration that we didn't really get many photographs taken. So for that, I apologize.
Well, 2011 was a pretty interesting year. Our second son Kai was born, we got hit by a hurricane, lost power in a freak Noreaster storm and all sorts of exiting stuff happened. So, here's the photo dump for December, including Kai's first Christmas and the road trip to Ohio.

More in the December gallery of course.

and a bonus, the first photo of 2012

Good times...
We've had major storms and power outages, my computer died (and has been resurrected anew!), even Halloween was postponed. So I suppose it's about time to post more pictures, right?

more in the October and November galleries.
Added a ton of photos to September and a few to start off the October ablums.

good times...
The time, she flies so fast... Isaac just started school (1st Grade!) and had his 6th birthday. he's getting so tall... we managed to survive without power for the better part of a week after Hurricane Irene, though it was touch and go for me there without internet access. Good times...

On with some photos, though more can of course be foundin the Gallery.

Clearing photos from the tail end of July off the camera

also, a few from the very beginning of August here...

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate with hotdogs, fireworks, and a backlog of photos from June!

There's a craptop more in the June and July albums.
Back from the eventful trip to Ohio. My car's in the shop for a second time in a week, but here's the photos fresh off the camera! The Torus got us home safe and sound, but I think it's her last road trip...

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