Isaac's DVDs

Because so many people have asked us "Say... which DVDs does Isaac have, so we don't get a duplicate?" I've decided to simply put a list of what he's got up here. Do with it what you'd like.

Veggie Tales

Where's God When I'm Scared?
Are You my Neighbor?
King George and the Ducky
The Ultimate Silly Songs Collection
The Wonderful World of Autotainment
The Christmas Star
An Easter Charol
Lord of the Bean
Sheerluck Holms and the Golden Ruler
Moe and the Big Exit
The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's

Baby Einstein

Meet the Orchastra
Baby Mozart
Baby DaVinci
Neighborhood Animals
Traveling Melodies (Audio CD)
Playtime Musicbox (Audio CD)
lullaby Classics (Audio CD)
Baby Bach (Audio CD)


Elmo's World: Reach for the Sky
Sesame Street: All Start Alphabet
Big Bird In Japan
1 2 3 Count With Me (Sesame Street)
Learning About Letters (Sesame Street)